Sunday, November 17, 2013

Festive Fashion & Wintry Wardrobes

My absolute favorite time of the year is coming up. Some stores are already playing holiday music and you can start to feel the Christmas cheer. In the months leading up to December 25th, I become a kid again. Since the day after Halloween, I've been pushing my boyfriend (and roomy) to get a tree. I don't care what our guests think - I crave those twinkly lights and the warm, cozy feeling. I think "White Christmas" and "Elf" are the best movies of all time and I watch them like I drink coffee - regularly and with urgency.

So, when the holidays start to spring up, I love that it suddenly becomes acceptable to wear red, sparkly sweaters, snowflaked leggings, and boots with lively pom poms. I may even throw in a Santa hat a time or two (hey, I work in a kid's store after all!). Of course, it's very easy to go tacky with these festive options, so it's important to limit looking like Santa's workshop. I try to only wear one holiday-esque item at a time and mix them with trendy and even edgy pieces to counteract the Rudolf comments.

Tribal Multi-Colored Leggings, $21.99

My newest holiday attire obsession are these printed leggings at White Plum Boutique. And their styling is perfect!

Now the question is, which pair do I get first???

Flower Reindeer Leggings, $21.99
Alberta Reindeer Leggings, $21.99
Colorblast Winter Leggings, $21.99


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Are Bells Back?

Janis Bells Floral Stripe by Novella Royale, $135

A common customer came into my store today wearing Novella Royale Janis Bell Pants. I had seen them on models in look books, but never on an actual person. Granted, this "actual" person is about 5' 10" and 110 lbs tops. But still, she sold me on their amazingness. Not only do they have the feel and comfort of yoga pants, but they add so much to an outfit that is usually the top's job. I can't say any of my pants are really statement pants. No prints, very few colors, and they don't vary all that much in cut. For me, that's probably ok. My thighs, hips, and behind couldn't rock the Novella Royale bells like this woman.

Janis Bells Sandstone Tangier by Novella Royale, $135
Janis Bells Midnight Chantilly by Novella Royale, $135
Janis Bells Laurel Canyon by Novella Royale, $135

She wore them with nude colored heels and a loose fitting v-neck tee, which were the perfect choices to not make the look too 60s feeling.

This woman pulled them off like crazy. Could you?


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Fashion Faux Pas

Today, I wore white. Lock me up and throw away the key! And to prolong my sentence, know that a large chunk of my fall/winter wardrobe this year is white or cream. Call the fashion police!

Like so much of life right now, people are breaking codes that were so key, daily. It's all about the rebel lifestyle. And I wear white after Labor Day. Take that! I always felt it was such a silly rule. With a high of almost 80 degrees tomorrow, I may even break out my white pants! Gasp!

So how did this so-called rule come to be? An article in Time speculated that it could be because lighter colored fabrics are cooler and typically lighter weight, and it makes sense to keep this in your summer wardrobe and pick the warm, thicker materials for the cooler months. I get it, although I live in California. They also said it could be due to white formerly being the color of choice for elite American's vacationing - the yachting attire of the past. After all, Labor Day is the symbolic end of summertime.

Regardless, white has sneakily inched its way into fall and winter and I feel it is one of the best holiday colors out there. In an area void of snow, that's my solution. This holiday season, I'll be a sparkly white snow angel!

Who doesn't love the perfect white jacket? It matches everything, be it edgy or traditional!

Faux Leather Moto by BCX, $59
Fit and Flare Wool Coat by Banana Republic, $250
Boucle Convertible Jacket by Rachel Roy, $280

A white dress for holiday parties is essential. Just maybe not when spaghetti will be present. It does the same magic as a little black dress, but brightens you up.

Dazzle 'Em Combo Dress by Forever 21, $27.80
Lace Trim Boucle Sheath by Banana Republic, $165
Cutting Edge Brocade Dress by Forever 21, $32.80

There's something about a simple white tee or flowy white chiffon top. Pair with jeans, black pants, a bandage skirt, whatever!

Art Deco Beaded Top by Forever 21, $24.80
Sisters of the Moon Top by Free People, $98
Dreamy Tiered Chiffon Blouse by Forever 21, $15.80

My favorite white piece this season just happens to be an uber-cozy chunky sweater. Why can't I wear an over sized sweater all day, every day?

Relaxed Embroidered Sweatshirt by Forever 21, $22.80
Sequined Rugby Stripe Pullover by Free People, $168
Favorite V-Neck Sweater by Free People, $19.80

Do you dare to wear white?


Friday, September 13, 2013

VMA: Very Magnifisent Attire

In my post today about the MTV Video Music Awards, I won't be talking about a teenage idol turned half-shaved odd ball or her choice of dance moves with a married man with a 3 year old kid. No, today I'm talkin' clothes. "Someone's" crazy actions got in the way of a lot of ensemble appreciation and now it's time to get back on track.

My favorites this year leaned toward the more glamorous, vintage side, for some reason. For the red carpet, graphic tees and mini skirts are just too casual and boring for me. I think one of the best parts of being a celebrity is having access to the most amazing fashion out there and having plenty of excuses to utilize it. I get that going grunge makes some sort of statement,  but why not opt to have beauty fill your life and give up the hard, mean image.

Some of my favorites start with some of the continuing and upcoming fashion queens of our days. There is no surprise, at least for me, that Jennifer Hudson, Ashanti, and Selena Gomez are on the list. At first I didn't love Selena's Versace gown, but the more I see if, the cooler is becomes. A dress like that could easily go trashy, but this is just creative and classy-sexy. The other ladies speak for themselves. Just timeless and elegant.

My next batch of faves aren't the obvious suspects. In fact, I had to look a few of them up, I'm embarrassed to say. First up is Rita Ora. Anyone else out there just say, "Um, who?" According to the ever reliable Wikipedia, she's a British song-writer and actress. According to me, she's a daring and glamorous fashionista. That white feather train went on for days and the glitz on top was just enough. This dress is sexy without showing too much skin - the perfect recipe. And that middle gal? Melanie Iglesias. Any shocker she's a model? Very few of us could pull that slinky purple get-up off, but she sure can! Last in the line up is Ellie Goulding, another singer. Yes, that's a stud covered dress! Pure music to my eyes. I love, love, love it and it still manages to be feminine and demur. Love!

I have saved the best for last. My top two dresses of the evening were sported by the beautiful Holland Roden and Taylor Swift. Are those pants under Hollands spread skirt? I think so! So fashion forward, and comfy to boot! And Taylor... aww Taylor. She could wear my BBQ's weather cover and look crazy amazing. But then she puts on this killer black number and WOW! So jealous. 

Did I miss any of your VMA faves?


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fluffs, Puffs, and Tufts

Holla out to one of this Fall's biggest trends, shoes with pops of fur. I love the cozy, soft feeling of shoes with furry accents, and as it gets colder, I may just snag a pair (faux for me, of course). Shoes with the real thing cost more than my rent, but it's oh-so fun to look and drool.

Everyone's doing it - Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Roger Vivier and all of those shoe geniuses. The trend is so warm and friendly seeming, like my little furry cat or a chenille blanket. Just tell me you don't want to hold these flats up to your face right now and snuggle.

And I saved my favorite for last - the Taylor bootie by Isabel Marant. I want to throw on some opaque black tights, a grey shift sweater dress, and these amazing black and white fur and leather booties, and hit the town. If only they came in hot pink!
Don't have thousands of dollars to spare??? Have no fear! These booties from Aldo are on sale right now for $89.98 and aren't a bad runner up. What do you think?
Vanderau Bootie by Aldo, $89.95
Faxon Heel by Jimmy Choo, $1195.00
Mink Fur Pump by Fendi, $1150.00
Taylor Bootie by Isabel Marant, $1505.00


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Perfection, Just Perfection, I Say!

She's done it again, ladies and... well just ladies! Not only has Natalie Portman been quite possibly the most beautiful Hollywood actress since, well, ever. But she's also the face of Dior. This isn't news. I've seen her in ads holding that iconic bow-topped bottle for months and she's not pregnant in any of them, as she is now. But every time I open up a new Elle or InStyle, I get wowed again by her perfection. 

But she's not the only perfection you will see in these ads. The styling and photography is impeccable. It's simple, clean, ultra girly, and... perfection! Tonight I came across quite possibly my favorite. Check out this dress! It looks like layers of blossom petals upon petals. The ombre effect, leading up the white top, is just icing on the cake - and it sort of looks like it. I'm in love with this dress. Doe anyone know who made it? Dare I say, Dior?  ;)

I just felt like the blog needed some girly girl beauty today. Some good ol' fashioned, pretty!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Do they Bite?

Christina Loubouton does it again with some studded kicks. These puppies give spike shoes a whole new meaning! I'm not sure is these are accessories or weapons, but I don't seem to care. Who knew studs could be so dainty and girly?

Spike Wars Ankle Bootie by Christian Loubouton $1995.00
Yolanda Spikes Peel Toe Platform by Christina Loubouton $1395.00
Druide Spiked Patent Flat Sandal by Christina Loubouton $995.00

I'm especially loving those booties! With black tights, a bandage skirt, and an oversized shirt, this is a must for my wish list.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Artistry in Accessories

I took a jewelry making class a few years ago at a local junior college for fun and I now have a completely different outlook on creative and unique jewelry. It's not easy to make jewelry that is truly new ans is still wearable and not too crazy (bad crazy). What I made in the class would probably qualify in the bad crazy department, but I was learning and when the sky is the limit, I tend to fly high. My not-so-stylish creations aside, I have lately been swooning over the jewelry coming into the stores that is truly art. Anyone can design silver hoop earrings that we have seen a hundred times, but few can make jewelry that stops you in your tracks and makes you think. Today, vibrant colors and big bold metals take the scene, and I couldn't be more pleased. As someone who adores statement and costume jewelry, this trend is definitely for me. I pine to see the sketchbooks of these designers and what goes through their creative process, what makes it to the stores and what creations are nixed. Who comes up with this stuff?!

TopShop Drop Earrings at Nordstrom $28
Ophelia Vine Encased Ring by Alexis Bittar $225
Bolts Clip Stud Earrings by Marc Jacobs $68

And who could forget one of my all time favorites in the colorful jewelry world - Kate Spade! That gal sure isn't afraid to mix prints, colors, and styles.

Bungalow Bouquet Cluster Drop Earrings by Kate Spade $98

And last but not least, I found this cool shop on Etsy - Necklush. It's a mix of necklaces and scarves, and for some, I'm not sure which is which, but that's the beauty. This creative site features braided, twisted, and draped scraps of fabric to make wearable and unique art. Now that's what I'm talking about! What do you think? Would you wear these? I would in a heartbeat!

Collar Necklace Braided Choker by Necklush $55
Braided Chunky Bracelet by Necklush $37
Infinity Scarf Necklace by Necklush $80

Now that I'm inspired and have my creative juices flowing, I think I'll go sew for a bit. Thanks for Reading!


Lace is Back, but Old isn't

Aww... It's been a while. It's good to be back, folks! On my long hiatus from blogging, I have made quite a few life changes - job, apartment, boyfriend, cat, life goals... just to name a few. But we'll discuss this later. Right now, let's get to my most recent fashion purchase/dilemma/challenge, shall we? I came home from one of my favorite bargain designer stores (my new job doesn't have me exactly rolling in the dough) totally excited about my new ivory lace shift dress purchase. I felt it was Jackie O meets Audrey Hepburn. My boyfriend had a different opinion. He said, "Doesn't that look like that tablecloth you inherited from your grandma?" After I finished cursing the day he was born, I set out to prove him wrong; that a classic look can come back in a way that is fresh and modern, and not grandma-ish. For day time, I will wear it in a summery and slightly edgy way. I shall pair it with a tan branded belt and matching platform wedges. The earrings will make the statement and really pull it into 2013. The bracelets will balance the metal of the earrings and voula!

Horkelia Shift Dress by Anthropologie
Serpentine Bangle Set by Forever 21 $9.80
Reese Woven Belt by Elise M $34
Lappas Wedges at Aldo $80

And for evening? I'll keep the bangles and swap the braided belt for a skinny black one, trade out the shoes for something more dressy, and add a perfectly fitted blazer if it's chilly out. I'll remove the earring and add a statement necklace that is anything but old looking.

Lasered Fan Necklace by Anthropolgie $218
Bead Chain Braided Belt by Forever 21 $4.80
Essi Heels by Aldo $100

And there we are. Take that, opinionated boyfriend!