Sunday, November 17, 2013

Festive Fashion & Wintry Wardrobes

My absolute favorite time of the year is coming up. Some stores are already playing holiday music and you can start to feel the Christmas cheer. In the months leading up to December 25th, I become a kid again. Since the day after Halloween, I've been pushing my boyfriend (and roomy) to get a tree. I don't care what our guests think - I crave those twinkly lights and the warm, cozy feeling. I think "White Christmas" and "Elf" are the best movies of all time and I watch them like I drink coffee - regularly and with urgency.

So, when the holidays start to spring up, I love that it suddenly becomes acceptable to wear red, sparkly sweaters, snowflaked leggings, and boots with lively pom poms. I may even throw in a Santa hat a time or two (hey, I work in a kid's store after all!). Of course, it's very easy to go tacky with these festive options, so it's important to limit looking like Santa's workshop. I try to only wear one holiday-esque item at a time and mix them with trendy and even edgy pieces to counteract the Rudolf comments.

Tribal Multi-Colored Leggings, $21.99

My newest holiday attire obsession are these printed leggings at White Plum Boutique. And their styling is perfect!

Now the question is, which pair do I get first???

Flower Reindeer Leggings, $21.99
Alberta Reindeer Leggings, $21.99
Colorblast Winter Leggings, $21.99


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Are Bells Back?

Janis Bells Floral Stripe by Novella Royale, $135

A common customer came into my store today wearing Novella Royale Janis Bell Pants. I had seen them on models in look books, but never on an actual person. Granted, this "actual" person is about 5' 10" and 110 lbs tops. But still, she sold me on their amazingness. Not only do they have the feel and comfort of yoga pants, but they add so much to an outfit that is usually the top's job. I can't say any of my pants are really statement pants. No prints, very few colors, and they don't vary all that much in cut. For me, that's probably ok. My thighs, hips, and behind couldn't rock the Novella Royale bells like this woman.

Janis Bells Sandstone Tangier by Novella Royale, $135
Janis Bells Midnight Chantilly by Novella Royale, $135
Janis Bells Laurel Canyon by Novella Royale, $135

She wore them with nude colored heels and a loose fitting v-neck tee, which were the perfect choices to not make the look too 60s feeling.

This woman pulled them off like crazy. Could you?


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Fashion Faux Pas

Today, I wore white. Lock me up and throw away the key! And to prolong my sentence, know that a large chunk of my fall/winter wardrobe this year is white or cream. Call the fashion police!

Like so much of life right now, people are breaking codes that were so key, daily. It's all about the rebel lifestyle. And I wear white after Labor Day. Take that! I always felt it was such a silly rule. With a high of almost 80 degrees tomorrow, I may even break out my white pants! Gasp!

So how did this so-called rule come to be? An article in Time speculated that it could be because lighter colored fabrics are cooler and typically lighter weight, and it makes sense to keep this in your summer wardrobe and pick the warm, thicker materials for the cooler months. I get it, although I live in California. They also said it could be due to white formerly being the color of choice for elite American's vacationing - the yachting attire of the past. After all, Labor Day is the symbolic end of summertime.

Regardless, white has sneakily inched its way into fall and winter and I feel it is one of the best holiday colors out there. In an area void of snow, that's my solution. This holiday season, I'll be a sparkly white snow angel!

Who doesn't love the perfect white jacket? It matches everything, be it edgy or traditional!

Faux Leather Moto by BCX, $59
Fit and Flare Wool Coat by Banana Republic, $250
Boucle Convertible Jacket by Rachel Roy, $280

A white dress for holiday parties is essential. Just maybe not when spaghetti will be present. It does the same magic as a little black dress, but brightens you up.

Dazzle 'Em Combo Dress by Forever 21, $27.80
Lace Trim Boucle Sheath by Banana Republic, $165
Cutting Edge Brocade Dress by Forever 21, $32.80

There's something about a simple white tee or flowy white chiffon top. Pair with jeans, black pants, a bandage skirt, whatever!

Art Deco Beaded Top by Forever 21, $24.80
Sisters of the Moon Top by Free People, $98
Dreamy Tiered Chiffon Blouse by Forever 21, $15.80

My favorite white piece this season just happens to be an uber-cozy chunky sweater. Why can't I wear an over sized sweater all day, every day?

Relaxed Embroidered Sweatshirt by Forever 21, $22.80
Sequined Rugby Stripe Pullover by Free People, $168
Favorite V-Neck Sweater by Free People, $19.80

Do you dare to wear white?