Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lace is Back, but Old isn't

Aww... It's been a while. It's good to be back, folks! On my long hiatus from blogging, I have made quite a few life changes - job, apartment, boyfriend, cat, life goals... just to name a few. But we'll discuss this later. Right now, let's get to my most recent fashion purchase/dilemma/challenge, shall we? I came home from one of my favorite bargain designer stores (my new job doesn't have me exactly rolling in the dough) totally excited about my new ivory lace shift dress purchase. I felt it was Jackie O meets Audrey Hepburn. My boyfriend had a different opinion. He said, "Doesn't that look like that tablecloth you inherited from your grandma?" After I finished cursing the day he was born, I set out to prove him wrong; that a classic look can come back in a way that is fresh and modern, and not grandma-ish. For day time, I will wear it in a summery and slightly edgy way. I shall pair it with a tan branded belt and matching platform wedges. The earrings will make the statement and really pull it into 2013. The bracelets will balance the metal of the earrings and voula!

Horkelia Shift Dress by Anthropologie
Serpentine Bangle Set by Forever 21 $9.80
Reese Woven Belt by Elise M $34
Lappas Wedges at Aldo $80

And for evening? I'll keep the bangles and swap the braided belt for a skinny black one, trade out the shoes for something more dressy, and add a perfectly fitted blazer if it's chilly out. I'll remove the earring and add a statement necklace that is anything but old looking.

Lasered Fan Necklace by Anthropolgie $218
Bead Chain Braided Belt by Forever 21 $4.80
Essi Heels by Aldo $100

And there we are. Take that, opinionated boyfriend! 


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  1. Good for you, Ms Jenna! This dress is NOT your grandma's tablecloth!