Saturday, September 18, 2010

Birthday Candles and Confetti

My birthday is in about a week and with another year comes a yearning for more glamor in my life. I've become comfortable, not in a confidence sense but in a lack of effort sense. I've always been a sucker for glitz and glam, but those sweat pants and slippers have been looking mighty good these days. With this year I want to get back into the girly side of me. I want to give myself a slight makeover - experiment with different makeup, dye my hair darker, things like that. And, of course, there's the clothes. Every girl should have a pair of sparkly shoes in her closet to brighten the days when nothing seems to fit and her hair just won't stay put. Take a look at these pumps and flats. They make me happy just looking at them. Maybe on my birthday I'll have to spring for a pair of glitter heels (cheaper ones than seen here, sadly).

Christian Louboutin Declic Glitter Pumps
Christian Louboutin Declic Glitter Pumps

Leonie Embellished Glitter Suede Flat
Leonie Embellished Glitter Suede Flat

Jimmy Choo Private Cuff Glitter Fabric Sandal
Jimmy Choo Private Cuff Glitter Fabric Sandal

Kate Spade Charm Glitter Bow Slingback  Pumps
Kate Spade Charm Glitter Bow Slingback Pumps

Juicy Couture Rose-Toe Sequined Ballerina
Juicy Couture Rose-Toe Sequined Ballerina


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Equinox Fitness goes ViPR

A week or two ago, I was asked to attend a press event for a new fitness innovation popping up in Equinox gyms. It's basically a new tool and exercise concept that's focused on strengthening your core and working with long strokes of movement, rather than targeting individual muscles. This is the kind of workout you get when doing actual physical activity in the real world, not in a gym with a specific number of reps and a personal trainer named Rick. Check out this video that gives some info on what ViPR does for the body:

The founder, Michol Dalcourt, was at the event today. He created the rubber tube you see in the video that is anything but just a tube. There are endless workouts you can do with it and Equinox has it exclusively. When first looking at it, it looks like a cross from a PVC pipe and a tire with handles, but quickly learned it's much more useful. They have varying weights (mine was 8 pounds, the lightest) and sizes. With that, I can workout right along side a pro football player, be able to do the same things, and get the same workout, just on different levels.

But OK, enough with the sales pitch. Here's my experience. I was nervous. Partially because everyone else invited were seasoned fitness editors who probably run ten miles a day and have forgotten what a bagel tastes like. Partially because I haven't been in a gym in years and showering in public locker rooms is right up there with snake bites and burglaries. But mostly, because I'm one of the most unfit, unstrong (pretend it's a word), and inflexible people you will ever meet. No, I'm not being modest. In sixth grade I got the award in PE class for "Most Sportsmanlike" meaning "Best Loser." In seventh grade my dad wanted me to quit basketball because he thought the embarrassment and ridicule was even worse for me than my incapability to do a free throw. And now, even the thought of running a mile in Golden Gate Park makes me exhausted. So doing a new workout in a room with photographers and fitness gurus freaked me out. But keep reading, it gets better.

Equinox Press Event

The exercise wasn't very hard. In fact, I could do it without any embarrassment whatsoever! A great thing about this new innovation is that it can be as difficult as you want it to be. I'll let you know if I'm sore tomorrow (I'm thinking that is pretty guaranteed). We had a small taste of what the real full throttle experience is like, so I'm sure that doing a full workout with the rubber tube would kick even my bootie into shape.

After the presentation, I had a wonderful smoothie and headed off to the locker rooms where I expected to find what locker rooms normally look like. I guess I've never experienced an Equinox locker room before. It was the Chanel of locker rooms.

I left with a feeling of being tired yet energized, with designer hair product in my locks and still in awe that they have free razors and private showers.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Etsy Find: Pretty Birdie

Some of my favorite posts are the Etsy finds, and this one is no exception. I found Pretty Birdie's shop right away and loved it all. I chose six pieces that I thought were a comprehensive set to show their style. And it's not just cute clothes, they make the pieces from organic and sustainable fabrics with a splash of antique accents here and there. I love it all and I would totally wear all of the pieces with pride.

Etsy 1

Etsy 2

Etsy 3

The owner, Stephanie Teaque, is sure making some great pieces and I can't wait to see what she creates in the future.


Scales, Fangs, and Venom... Yes Please!

They say you should face your fears, whether it's heights, commitment, or broccoli. Since I can't really emulate big bodies of water with accessories (besides the obvious blue tones), let's go with my second biggest fear... snakes. I think it started in that scene from Indiana Jones and escalated. Below are a few snake-inspired pieces of jewelry, but a variety of providers (I'm talking Iosselliani to Target). Now all I have to do is conquer the water thing, but I'll save that for another day when I can think of a good excuse not to.

I love Ankasa's latest jewelry, especially this slithering and scale-full necklace that will easily become the center of attention. Look through the other jewelry pieces on the website when you get a chance too; don't worry, this is the only one that bites.
Silver snake necklace
Iosselliani Silver Necklace

Play like Medusa and have snakes coming from everywhere! This snake ring wraps around your fingers... let's just hope it doesn't squeeze too tight.
Snake ring
Sterling Silver Snake Ring

Last in the sequence is a set of earrings I found on Etsy. They aren't quite as obviously snake-ish as the last items, but I can definitely see it.
Snake earrings
Artisan Earring Posts

Snakes definitely aren't new to fashion, but they still give me chills if I see a too-realistic armband and the like.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Gloomy Me...

Not in the mood for butterflies and cherries on top today. I'm looking at dark and edgy pieces, with attitude. I'm usually a cheery and colorful person, but for today, we're going dark and dramatic on this post. I love the following pieces. They are for the fashion forward and courageous; today I feel like I could almost pull them off. Check them out (especially the ring) and let me know if you are also feeling like dark colors, ice-cold stones, and a few spikes here and there this evening.

Black ribbon dress
Ankasa Black Ribbon Dress

Black bag
Moselle Bag

Black ring
Dominique Cohen Black Tourmaline Ring

Black/gold boot
Dolce Vita Braxton Bootie


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fashion is a Wonderland

I saw "Alice in Wonderland" on Sunday and I noticed the costumes more than anything else. OK, maybe not more than Johnny Depp, but come on! The outfits are amazing and so creative. I recommend the movie for many reasons, most of which being the ensembles. Surprisingly, Alice's outfits are actually quite wearable in the real world. In fact, the story and the concept of a Wonderland has inspired a new line by Sue Wong... but I'm getting ahead of myself. Here are some clips from the movie.

Alice In Wonderland 1
Image from here.

The costumes were done my Colleen Atwood. Yes, the same Colleen Atwood that did "Sweeney Todd" and "Chicago". The costumes for "Alice in Wonderland" match the feel of the movie to a tea... a mad-hatting tea party to be precise.

Alice In Wonderland 2
Image from here.

Alice In Wonderland 3
Image from here.

In a magazine over the weekend I came across a "Sue Wong for Walt Disney" ad. Having not seen the movie, I figured that it was just like what I would find in the movie. Au contraire! Sue Wong must have gotten her inspiration from the book and other movies because her line and the costumes are very different. The Sue Wong dresses are sweet, extremely feminine, and understated. The movie costumes are bold, uber creative, and quite unique. Here are a few examples that I love. To see more, check out her website!

Sue Wong 2
Feathered Cocktail Dress

Sue Wong 1
Beaded Lace Dress

Sue Wong 4
Feathered Deco Cocktail Dress

Thanks for reading and I would love to hear what you think of the costumes and the Sue Wong line.


Monday, March 8, 2010


Like everything in life, a blog sometimes needs a makeover. Well, jenna's Ruffled Hem is having hers. I will be making a few changes in the coming week, all good of course.

Let me know what you think of the new header art!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Variety of Vintage

Maybe it's the after Valentine's Day blues or maybe just the cloudy weather, but I feel like looking at vintage jewelry. There's just something about it. You know it has a story, but it won't tell you what. Maybe an old ring you find in an antique store was actually Queen Elizabeth's or maybe the necklace you find at a garage sale was worn by Joan of Arc. OK, that's not likely, but you get what I mean. There is more to vintage jewelry than just the metal and stones. Here are a few pieces I found on Some are actually vintage and some just look it, but I love them all.

Vintage 1
Three Bows are Better than One
The Elegant Peacock Locket
Steampunk Owl Locket Ring
Garden Bijouterie

Vintage 2
Dogwood Flower Necklace
Vintage Glass Flower Earrings
Butterfly Locket Bracelet
Louise Earrings

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Etsy Find: AlexandraAnderson

Etsy is a guilty pleasure of mine whenever I have time to kill and inspiration to find. When it comes to fashion, I usually stick to jewelry and scarves, but this time I was looking for something warm and cozy (I guess this San Francisco weather is getting to me). I looked at jackets and what I found was pleasing, especially AlexandraAnderson. I love her convertible jackets. Imagine Transformers in fashion form. You can make subtle changes like the scarf swooping to the right or the left or big changes like changing the entire way the fabric hangs. Here are two examples, one in gray and green and one in black.

AA 1

AA 2

AA 3

To see more from this Etsy designer, go to her online shop.

Website Find: Charm and Chain

It's always fun to find up-and-coming designers that you like even more than the established ones. A while ago, InStyle magazine featured a small section of a spread to Charm And Chain. I over looked it at first, but quickly went back to that page. I checked out the website and fell in love. It's a collection of jewelry designers, both established and new to the scene, who sell their creations together on this site. They are all different, from classic and simple pieces to fun and wild concoctions. It is definitely a site worth checking out and gaining inspiration for all types of fashion, not just jewelry. Here are a few that I liked, all from different designers.

Charm and Chain 1

Charm and Chain 2

Charm and Chain 3

Charm and Chain 4

Charm and Chain 5

To see more amazing jewelry like these, go to the website.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Clutching Experience

Any girl-on-the-go knows how handy a clutch can be in everyday life. You don't need to store them away, waiting for a nice night out. Take them everywhere. They come in all different levels of fancy and some will match everything (none of these, of course). Here are a few clutches I found today.

Clutch 1
Zigzag Clutch, $795

Clutch 2
Flutter-flower Clutch, $128

Clutch 3
The Alexis Clutch, $45

Clutch 4
Fleur-Ette Clutch, $88

Sorry about all the wild patterns and colors... I just moved into a new place and my mind is in prints and drapes. Surprisingly, it wasn't as easy as I had expected to find fun and colorful clutches. Most I found were pretty drab., like always, was my savior. Where do you all go for fun bags and clutches that aren't beige, basic, and boring?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Victoria Beckham - A little bit of 80's

I've been avoiding Victoria Beckham's fashion line for a while now. I'm not sure why... maybe because I refused to acknowledge that she was really a celebrity anymore, maybe because I was jealous because she has David and I have... nevermind, or maybe she has simply stayed under my radar. That is, until now. Let's face it, she truly is back. Not because of her husband or long-lasting fame from her Posh Spice days. She has become someone different all together and she really is fabulous. Did anyone see the America Idol that she guest hosted (or am I showing too much of my nerdy side)? But anyway, this is a fashion blog, not Us Weekly. Here are a few dress samples from her most recent line.

Beckham 1

Beckham 2

Beckham 3

Beckham 4

Beckham 5

They all seen to hark back to the days of the 80's with strong shoulders and geometric lines. They are sexy, form fitting, and sometimes a bit provocative, but what else would you expect from Posh?
For more, visit the website.