Sunday, January 31, 2010

Etsy Find: AlexandraAnderson

Etsy is a guilty pleasure of mine whenever I have time to kill and inspiration to find. When it comes to fashion, I usually stick to jewelry and scarves, but this time I was looking for something warm and cozy (I guess this San Francisco weather is getting to me). I looked at jackets and what I found was pleasing, especially AlexandraAnderson. I love her convertible jackets. Imagine Transformers in fashion form. You can make subtle changes like the scarf swooping to the right or the left or big changes like changing the entire way the fabric hangs. Here are two examples, one in gray and green and one in black.

AA 1

AA 2

AA 3

To see more from this Etsy designer, go to her online shop.

Website Find: Charm and Chain

It's always fun to find up-and-coming designers that you like even more than the established ones. A while ago, InStyle magazine featured a small section of a spread to Charm And Chain. I over looked it at first, but quickly went back to that page. I checked out the website and fell in love. It's a collection of jewelry designers, both established and new to the scene, who sell their creations together on this site. They are all different, from classic and simple pieces to fun and wild concoctions. It is definitely a site worth checking out and gaining inspiration for all types of fashion, not just jewelry. Here are a few that I liked, all from different designers.

Charm and Chain 1

Charm and Chain 2

Charm and Chain 3

Charm and Chain 4

Charm and Chain 5

To see more amazing jewelry like these, go to the website.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Clutching Experience

Any girl-on-the-go knows how handy a clutch can be in everyday life. You don't need to store them away, waiting for a nice night out. Take them everywhere. They come in all different levels of fancy and some will match everything (none of these, of course). Here are a few clutches I found today.

Clutch 1
Zigzag Clutch, $795

Clutch 2
Flutter-flower Clutch, $128

Clutch 3
The Alexis Clutch, $45

Clutch 4
Fleur-Ette Clutch, $88

Sorry about all the wild patterns and colors... I just moved into a new place and my mind is in prints and drapes. Surprisingly, it wasn't as easy as I had expected to find fun and colorful clutches. Most I found were pretty drab., like always, was my savior. Where do you all go for fun bags and clutches that aren't beige, basic, and boring?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Victoria Beckham - A little bit of 80's

I've been avoiding Victoria Beckham's fashion line for a while now. I'm not sure why... maybe because I refused to acknowledge that she was really a celebrity anymore, maybe because I was jealous because she has David and I have... nevermind, or maybe she has simply stayed under my radar. That is, until now. Let's face it, she truly is back. Not because of her husband or long-lasting fame from her Posh Spice days. She has become someone different all together and she really is fabulous. Did anyone see the America Idol that she guest hosted (or am I showing too much of my nerdy side)? But anyway, this is a fashion blog, not Us Weekly. Here are a few dress samples from her most recent line.

Beckham 1

Beckham 2

Beckham 3

Beckham 4

Beckham 5

They all seen to hark back to the days of the 80's with strong shoulders and geometric lines. They are sexy, form fitting, and sometimes a bit provocative, but what else would you expect from Posh?
For more, visit the website.