Friday, September 13, 2013

VMA: Very Magnifisent Attire

In my post today about the MTV Video Music Awards, I won't be talking about a teenage idol turned half-shaved odd ball or her choice of dance moves with a married man with a 3 year old kid. No, today I'm talkin' clothes. "Someone's" crazy actions got in the way of a lot of ensemble appreciation and now it's time to get back on track.

My favorites this year leaned toward the more glamorous, vintage side, for some reason. For the red carpet, graphic tees and mini skirts are just too casual and boring for me. I think one of the best parts of being a celebrity is having access to the most amazing fashion out there and having plenty of excuses to utilize it. I get that going grunge makes some sort of statement,  but why not opt to have beauty fill your life and give up the hard, mean image.

Some of my favorites start with some of the continuing and upcoming fashion queens of our days. There is no surprise, at least for me, that Jennifer Hudson, Ashanti, and Selena Gomez are on the list. At first I didn't love Selena's Versace gown, but the more I see if, the cooler is becomes. A dress like that could easily go trashy, but this is just creative and classy-sexy. The other ladies speak for themselves. Just timeless and elegant.

My next batch of faves aren't the obvious suspects. In fact, I had to look a few of them up, I'm embarrassed to say. First up is Rita Ora. Anyone else out there just say, "Um, who?" According to the ever reliable Wikipedia, she's a British song-writer and actress. According to me, she's a daring and glamorous fashionista. That white feather train went on for days and the glitz on top was just enough. This dress is sexy without showing too much skin - the perfect recipe. And that middle gal? Melanie Iglesias. Any shocker she's a model? Very few of us could pull that slinky purple get-up off, but she sure can! Last in the line up is Ellie Goulding, another singer. Yes, that's a stud covered dress! Pure music to my eyes. I love, love, love it and it still manages to be feminine and demur. Love!

I have saved the best for last. My top two dresses of the evening were sported by the beautiful Holland Roden and Taylor Swift. Are those pants under Hollands spread skirt? I think so! So fashion forward, and comfy to boot! And Taylor... aww Taylor. She could wear my BBQ's weather cover and look crazy amazing. But then she puts on this killer black number and WOW! So jealous. 

Did I miss any of your VMA faves?


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