Sunday, November 17, 2013

Festive Fashion & Wintry Wardrobes

My absolute favorite time of the year is coming up. Some stores are already playing holiday music and you can start to feel the Christmas cheer. In the months leading up to December 25th, I become a kid again. Since the day after Halloween, I've been pushing my boyfriend (and roomy) to get a tree. I don't care what our guests think - I crave those twinkly lights and the warm, cozy feeling. I think "White Christmas" and "Elf" are the best movies of all time and I watch them like I drink coffee - regularly and with urgency.

So, when the holidays start to spring up, I love that it suddenly becomes acceptable to wear red, sparkly sweaters, snowflaked leggings, and boots with lively pom poms. I may even throw in a Santa hat a time or two (hey, I work in a kid's store after all!). Of course, it's very easy to go tacky with these festive options, so it's important to limit looking like Santa's workshop. I try to only wear one holiday-esque item at a time and mix them with trendy and even edgy pieces to counteract the Rudolf comments.

Tribal Multi-Colored Leggings, $21.99

My newest holiday attire obsession are these printed leggings at White Plum Boutique. And their styling is perfect!

Now the question is, which pair do I get first???

Flower Reindeer Leggings, $21.99
Alberta Reindeer Leggings, $21.99
Colorblast Winter Leggings, $21.99


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