Saturday, August 24, 2013

Perfection, Just Perfection, I Say!

She's done it again, ladies and... well just ladies! Not only has Natalie Portman been quite possibly the most beautiful Hollywood actress since, well, ever. But she's also the face of Dior. This isn't news. I've seen her in ads holding that iconic bow-topped bottle for months and she's not pregnant in any of them, as she is now. But every time I open up a new Elle or InStyle, I get wowed again by her perfection. 

But she's not the only perfection you will see in these ads. The styling and photography is impeccable. It's simple, clean, ultra girly, and... perfection! Tonight I came across quite possibly my favorite. Check out this dress! It looks like layers of blossom petals upon petals. The ombre effect, leading up the white top, is just icing on the cake - and it sort of looks like it. I'm in love with this dress. Doe anyone know who made it? Dare I say, Dior?  ;)

I just felt like the blog needed some girly girl beauty today. Some good ol' fashioned, pretty!


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