Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scales, Fangs, and Venom... Yes Please!

They say you should face your fears, whether it's heights, commitment, or broccoli. Since I can't really emulate big bodies of water with accessories (besides the obvious blue tones), let's go with my second biggest fear... snakes. I think it started in that scene from Indiana Jones and escalated. Below are a few snake-inspired pieces of jewelry, but a variety of providers (I'm talking Iosselliani to Target). Now all I have to do is conquer the water thing, but I'll save that for another day when I can think of a good excuse not to.

I love Ankasa's latest jewelry, especially this slithering and scale-full necklace that will easily become the center of attention. Look through the other jewelry pieces on the website when you get a chance too; don't worry, this is the only one that bites.
Silver snake necklace
Iosselliani Silver Necklace

Play like Medusa and have snakes coming from everywhere! This snake ring wraps around your fingers... let's just hope it doesn't squeeze too tight.
Snake ring
Sterling Silver Snake Ring

Last in the sequence is a set of earrings I found on Etsy. They aren't quite as obviously snake-ish as the last items, but I can definitely see it.
Snake earrings
Artisan Earring Posts

Snakes definitely aren't new to fashion, but they still give me chills if I see a too-realistic armband and the like.


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