Sunday, January 31, 2010

Etsy Find: AlexandraAnderson

Etsy is a guilty pleasure of mine whenever I have time to kill and inspiration to find. When it comes to fashion, I usually stick to jewelry and scarves, but this time I was looking for something warm and cozy (I guess this San Francisco weather is getting to me). I looked at jackets and what I found was pleasing, especially AlexandraAnderson. I love her convertible jackets. Imagine Transformers in fashion form. You can make subtle changes like the scarf swooping to the right or the left or big changes like changing the entire way the fabric hangs. Here are two examples, one in gray and green and one in black.

AA 1

AA 2

AA 3

To see more from this Etsy designer, go to her online shop.


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  2. Omg thank you for sharing this, I just love how you can wear these jackets so many ways, and the dramatic collars are really speaking to me (LOVE dramatic collars1)

  3. Thanks for sharing this link! I love her shop.

  4. these are sooooo great!! so glad you came for a visit...thanks for your sweet comment.
    i'm off to check these out

  5. that first one is sooo amazing!