Saturday, July 10, 2010

Etsy Find: Pretty Birdie

Some of my favorite posts are the Etsy finds, and this one is no exception. I found Pretty Birdie's shop right away and loved it all. I chose six pieces that I thought were a comprehensive set to show their style. And it's not just cute clothes, they make the pieces from organic and sustainable fabrics with a splash of antique accents here and there. I love it all and I would totally wear all of the pieces with pride.

Etsy 1

Etsy 2

Etsy 3

The owner, Stephanie Teaque, is sure making some great pieces and I can't wait to see what she creates in the future.



  1. Wow, all the pieces are so gorgeous! I specially love the yellow dress! and the yellow scarf. :)

  2. nice choice!:))I like the white dress!