Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vote Winner: Snakeskin!!!

Well, the votes were tallied and the jury's back in. The winner was overwhelmingly snakeskin, by 75%! This really wasn't the animal print I expected to win out, but I guess that's why we have Democratic votes in the first place. I found some pretty awesome snakeskin items. Let me know what you think!

snakeskin 1
Another Line Covered Buckle Snake Texture Belt, $38

snakeskin 2
Pour La Victoire 'Bethanie' Sandal, $280

snakeskin 3
Perlina Oversized Snake Embossed Clutch, $90

snakeskin 4
Jimmy Choo 'Mojo' Oversized Round Snakeskin Embossed Sunglasses, $395

snakeskin 5
Echo Design - Snakeskin Headband


  1. I have been seeing snakeskin all over the place lately and that headband is the first piece that I have really trust wanted!!

  2. thanks for following :)