Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Etsy Find: The Ardent Sparrow

Lately, I have been really interested in all of the Victorian inspired jewelry I have seen in stores, online, and especially in blogs. I love the layers of flowers and colors that go into these beautiful pieces. I was searching through Etsy for some of this jewelry and I came across The Ardent Sparrow. I immediately fell in love with their flower rings (and they all come at a very good price!). What do you think? Here are a few I really like...

The Ardent Sparrow
WINTERSONG... Heartache Can Wait, Ring - $12
A Sense of Joy Fills the Air, Ring - $12
Bluebells, Ring - $12
WINTERSONG... Clarity Ring, $12
COME SPRING COLLECTION... Now All Things Smile, Ring - $12
COME SPRING COLLECTION... Steel Magnolias, Ring - $12
COME SPRING COLLECTION... First Bloom, Ring - $12
COME SPRING COLLECTION... As I Shall Search For Words, Ring - $12
What's Old Is New Again, Ring - $12


  1. these rings are awesome, and for that price? sold.

  2. I love vintage inspired rings. Very chic & at an affordable price. The pieces shown here look intricate and detailed... it's different and express a personalized style!