Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jeffrey Sebelia

Do you remember Jeffrey Sebelia? He was the winner of "Project Runway" a few seasons back. Jeffrey was the one who was sort of punk-rockish and always made really creative garments. He was my favorite through the whole season and I was so excited when he won. Last night, he somehow popped into my mind and I wondered what he was doing now. I found a line of his called Costa Nostra, which includes men and women's apparel. Many of the pieces reminded me of what I saw during the show. To see the website, click here.

Costa Nostra 1
Plaid Apron Dress w/ Tee, $140

Costa Nostra 2
Pleated Dress w/ Waist Strap, $147.50

Knit Halter Dress, $287.50

Zipper Dress, $431.50

Costa Nostra 5
Layered Collar Dress, $776.25


  1. love the top 2 dresses! adorable!

  2. EEK I loved Jeffrey! His stuff was so awesome. And I'm so glad you reminded me about him - thanks for that.

    I might link to this post :)

  3. ohh....thanks for sharing this. fun to see what he is doing now!