Friday, September 25, 2009

Vote Winner: Let Them Be Cheap!!!

The poll has closed and the votes are in. To refresh your memory, the poll was about if you approve of expensive designers making less expensive lines to roll with the times. The debate is centered around if it takes away from the specialness and exclusivity of the brand or not. The winner for this vote was that it was great for designers to do this. I guess people aren't too worried about the expensive image after all. In second place, interestingly enough, came that it was totally wrong and took away from what the designer stood for - high quality clothes and a status that goes with it. So I have done some research and found that one of my favorite designers, Vera Wang, did just this. She has a line at Kohls called Simply Vera by Vera Wang.

Simply Vera by Vera Wang

I have to say I don't love all of it. It's definitely a line you have to sift through and it looks like it may be directed towards slightly older women than myself. Nonetheless, it's Vera!

Simply Vera 1
Gathered Top, $29.99

Simply Vera 2
Cocoon Vest, $39.99

Simply Vera 3
Surplice Top, $29.99

Simply Vera 4
Ibis Heels, $55.99

To see more of this line, click here.

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  1. I think it's fine as long as the cheap and chic lines are still well made! Thanks for sharing. Awesome blog!