Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rad Ad- Juicy Couture

Making a fashion ad that's original and fresh isn't an easy task with the multitude of ads you find in fashion magazines. Here is one that especially stood out to me. Some of my biggest inspirations for fashion come from print ads found in magazines like Elle and Vogue. This one was in InStyle. I love Juicy Couture, but even if I had never heard of this brand, this ad would have drawn me in. I love how creative and different it is. It's fun and funky and I can honestly say I have never seen disco balls in a pool or a man on stilts working to sell clothes. I like it as an ad and a work of art.

Juicy Couture Ad 1

Juicy Couture Ad 2

The copy reads, "Do the Dont's. Make a Mess." That's what fashion is about lately, after all. The breaking of rules can create new fashion norms. I thoroughly approve of this statement.

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