Friday, November 27, 2009

Sea Glass Dreaming

The weather keeps getting colder and the more layers I put on, the more I wish it were July and I was strolling on the beach. Sitting in this coffee shop with the heat turned up too high, I can almost imagine the rays of sun on my back and the sand beneath my toes. But sadly, it is still winter (is it winter yet?). To try to stay in my summer fantasy a little longer, here are some sea glass inspirations. Maybe they will help you pretend with me.

Sea Glass
Photo from here.

Blue Dress
Cuffed Satin Dress.

Annie Hammer Earrings.

Gucci Drew Patent Leather Sandals.
Christian Louboutin Lady Claude Peep-Toe Pumps.

G-Bag Easy Sacca Grande.

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