Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bow Bonanza

This spring seems to be all about bows. From the high fashion runways to cheap knockoff websites, everyone seems to be cashing in on this cute and classic trend. Let's take a look at some great bow pieces...

Check out Banana Republic's Monogram Silk Bow Dress. With its luxurious fabrics and elegant bow at the shoulder, its perfect for a dinner party, evening wedding, and office get together.

banana republic bow dress

Never underestimate the power of bold hair accessories. This rich purple headband from Forever 21 features a fashionable satin bow that will add flare to any outfit.

Forever 21 Satin Bow Headband

Betsey Johnson is an all-time fave of mine. The Bow Lock Flap Shoulder Bag is cute for everyday use and matches with almost any outfit. The use of the bow is modern and sophisticated.

Betsey Johnson Bow Bag

And last but not least, my favorite item of the day, the Miu Miu Raffia Bow Detailed Pumps. Bring sexy to the office.
Miu Miu Raffia Pumps


  1. wow I have the same purple headband with a bow on it and I wear it every single day and I wear my favorite purple hoodies I have 2 purple hoodies one that has a fur on it and says Roxy at the back of it its cool snd the other one is purple with white dots on it. Now speaking of headbands the purple one is my all time favorite one and my second is the golden one and my third is my brunette headband I have 28 headbands and I am looking forward to getting more soon. Thank u and nice design good luck

  2. I am crazy about purple things luv u please tell me more about purple designs.